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Hydromax USA

Headquarters: Chandler, Indiana

Investment Date: April 2016

Sector: Business Services

# of Add-Ons: 1

Website: https://www.hydromaxusa.com/

Hydromax USA LLC, headquartered in Chandler, IN, is a professional services company specializing in data collection for the purposes of locating and assessing the condition of water, wastewater and natural gas conveyance systems.


Headquarters: Houston, Texas

Investment Date: January 2016

Sector: Industrial Services

Multifuels owns, operates and develops underground infrastructure projects in North America, with an emphasis on lateral distribution gas pipelines. These laterals transport natural gas from main lines to end users, such as utilities and petrochemical plants, under long-term contracts that are not exposed to fluctuations in the price of oil and gas.


Headquarters: Hartselle, Alabama

Investment Date: April 2020

Sector: Industrial Services

# of Add-ons: 2

Website: http://www.powergridservices.com/

PowerGrid Services provides overhead power line and substation maintenance, right-of-way clearing, vegetation management, and collective strategic response (“CSR”) services for electric utilities throughout the United States.


Headquarters: Romeoville, Illinois

Investment Date: December 2018

Sector: Industrial Products

Website: http://stormtrap.com

StormTrap provides stormwater management solutions to the municipal, commercial, industrial, and residential markets. StormTrap designs and engineers precast concrete systems that store stormwater runoff in underground chambers before releasing it at a controlled rate or harvesting it for reuse. In addition, StormTrap provides water quality systems that remove pollutants and contaminants from stormwater runoff.