Our Portfolio

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ADB Companies

Headquarters: Pacific, MO

Investment Date: December 2020

Sector: Industrial Services

# of Add-Ons: 1

Website: www.adbcompanies.com

ADB Companies is a turnkey provider of aerial and underground infrastructure services for telecommunication, utility, technology and government customers throughout the United States

Gunnison Company

Headquarters: Atlanta, GA

Investment Date: May 2020

Sector: Industrial Services

# of Add-Ons: 9

Website: gunnisoncompany.com

Gunnison Company is a leading provider of comprehensive tree and vegetation management services for utility, government, residential, and commercial customers in the Southeastern United States.

Integrated Facility Solutions

Headquarters: Houston, TX

Investment Date: November 2020

Sector: Industrial Products & Services

# of Add-ons: 1

Integrated Facility Solutions was formed by Warren Equity in partnership with a team of tenured industry executives to create an industrial safety platform targeting a buy in build in the safety, environmental and productivity sectors. The IFS platform includes Concept Controls which distributes, rents and services mission-critical industrial safety equipment throughout North America.

IPC Lydon

Headquarters: Avon, Massachusetts

Investment Date: October 2016

Sector: Industrial Services

Website: http://www.ipclydon.com

IPC Lydon is a leading provider of maintenance, repair and upgrade services for mechanical systems and process equipment used in airports, distribution centers, power plants, co-generation plants, and wastewater treatment facilities.

M&D Distributors

Headquarters: Humble, Texas

Investment Date: December 2018

Sector: Industrial Services

# of Add-Ons: 2

Website: https://www.mddistributors.com/

M&D Distributors is a leading independent distributor of aftermarket parts and components for maintaining and repairing diesel-powered engines within the Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana markets. The Company’s product portfolio includes more than 100,000 new and remanufactured fuel injection, turbocharger, engine part, and filtration products from leading OEMs and aftermarket suppliers. M&D serves over 12,000 customers through nine facilities within the highly fragmented independent customer channel, including mechanics, independent repair shops, authorized service dealers, and individual owner-operators. Ultimately, the Company’s products are used in trucks and industrial equipment operating in various infrastructure-related end markets.

Magnolia River

Headquarters: Decatur, AL

Investment Date: December 2020

Sector: Industrial Services

# of Add-Ons: 1

Website: https://www.magnolia-river.com/

Magnolia River is a premier provider of inspection, engineering and design, and geographic information system services for natural gas distribution and transmission pipeline and water utility infrastructure and operations.


Headquarters: St. Paul, MN

Investment Date: January 2022

Sector: Industrial Products & Services

Website: https://www.macqueeneq.com/

MacQueen is a leading distributor and aftermarket solutions provider for specialized equipment used in non-discretionary environmental, infrastructure, and public safety applications.

Meridian Waste

Headquarters: Charlotte, NC

Investment Date: April 2018

Sector: Industrial Services

# of Add-Ons: 15

Website: http://www.meridianwaste.com/

Meridian Waste provides non-hazardous solid waste collection, transfer, recycling, and disposal services in the greater St. Louis, MO, and Richmond, VA, markets. Meridian Waste’s vertically integrated service platform consists of waste hauling operations, transfer stations, and municipal solid waste landfills.

Mid-State Restoration

Headquarters: Lakeville, MN

Investment Date: August 2021

Sector: Industrial Services

# of Add-ons: 1

Website: https://midstatecompanies.com/

Mid-State Restoration provides pavement preservation and rehabilitation services to municipal and state end customers.

SSP Innovations

Headquarters: Centennial, Colorado

Investment Date: April, 2017

Sector: Business Services

# of Add-Ons: 3

Website: http://sspinnovations.com

SSP Innovations LLC is an IT services and software development company focused on delivering Geographic Information Systems and Workforce Management Solutions to electric, gas, and water utilities, as well as oil & gas pipeline operators and telecommunications providers.


Headquarters: Concord, North Carolina

Investment Date: May 2018

Sector: Industrial Services

# of Add-Ons: 2

Website: www.gosuperior.net/

Superior provides corrosion protection services for mission critical assets in power plants, chemical plants, commercial aviation facilities, military bases, food and beverage processing facilities, and water treatment facilities. Superior’s primary asset protection services include industrial coatings and lining applications, inspection and maintenance services, and lead and asbestos abatement as well as proprietary bacteria and chemical resistant coatings for the food and beverage market.

USA Water

Headquarters: Houston, TX

Investment Date: October, 2020

Sector: Industrial Services

# of Add-ons: 1

USA Water was formed by Warren Equity in partnership with a team of industry executives to create a water and wastewater platform for acquisitions across two separate but complementary verticals: Operations and Maintenance (“O&M”) service providers and small and medium-sized water and wastewater utilities. USA Water’s O&M platform, Si Environmental, provides O&M services for water and wastewater utility districts in metropolitan Houston and surrounding areas.


Headquarters: Irvine, CA
Investment Date: December 2021
Sector: Industrial Services
Website: https://www.vortexdoors.com/

Vortex is a premier provider of repair and replacement services for a wide range of commercial and industrial doors, dock levelers, dock equipment, gates and related hardware.