Industry Focus

WEP invests in industrial and business services companies with a significant focus on infrastructure maintenance and repair. We generally categorize our businesses into four sectors: Industrial Products, Industrial Services, Building Services, and Business Services.

Industrial Products

  • Products, such as valves, meters, and testing equipment, sold into the infrastructure market
  • Products, such as building controls, security products, and energy efficiency products, sold into the building market
  • Maintenance products, such as coatings, for the infrastructure or building sectors

  • 1 Existing Portfolio Company

Industrial Services

  • Infrastructure services – repair and maintenance of infrastructure
  • Asset management/maintenance services, particularly in the utility and municipal markets
  • Value-added distribution
  • Equipment rental services
  • Waste management and environmental services

  • 5 Existing Portfolio Companies

Building Services

  • Building automation and system integration
  • Building operations, maintenance, and upgrades
  • Security, fire, life safety, and energy efficiency services

Business Services

  • Data capture and analysis in the infrastructure and building sectors
  • Technology-enabled infrastructure/building services
  • 2 Existing Portfolio Companies